Friday, August 26, 2011

Nice Rack!

Usually when someone says, NICE RACK!, they're referring to a part of the female anatomy.  In this case, NICE RACK!!! is about something you can grill with.

For years chicken was always less than what I had hoped for when it came off of the grill.   Isn't that a problem for just about everyone?   Burned.  Raw.  Never right.  Then I found this little beauty:  The Norpro Nonstick Adjustable Roast Rack on Amazon.  Food that's grilled doesn't stick!

Cradle the chicken or chicken parts (I usually grill splits or breasts) on the rack.  Heat the grill to at least 400 degrees.  Place the rack on the middle of the grill.  Turn off the burner under the chicken (our Weber has three:  Front, back, middle).  Maintain a grill temperature of 400.  A whole chicken needs to grill for an hour.  Splits take 45 minutes. 

Monday I used the rack to grill a 10 pound turkey:  Just under two hours start to finish (and using an electronic thermometer to monitor temps throughout grilling).  About as moist a bird as you'll ever get.

Here's the thermometer that's used.  The prob goes in the turkey and connects to a remote.  The remote transmits the temperature of the meat to a second device in the house.  Bed, Bath and Beyond stocks the Redi-Chek remote cooking thermometer for about 40 bucks.  Well worth the expense when it comes to well cooked, not over or under done meat.  There's no guessing when using this little device.

The key to success using this thing is making certain it is inserted in the right spot.  Anywhere but that will yield a rare piece of meat.  You've been warned.

And that's Bob's grilling tip of the day.

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