Thursday, August 18, 2011

On Your Marks?

I snapped this today at the marina across the lake from where Sparkle Plenty is moored.  Most of the sailboats on the lake moor here as the access to where the wind blows is just outside of it.  Kind of looks like they're lined up for a race.  Maybe backwards? 

I visit this marina now and then to check out other boats like mine.  There's always a difference in how each boat is rigged and in the hardware used to secure the rigging or in how the sails are managed.  I picked up a couple of ideas this morning.

What's not right about this marina as compared to where SP is lies in the slips:  Two boats to a slip.  SP and the others on our marina do not share one. 

In foul weather if the other boat sharing the slip breaks loose, there's a strong chance your will be damaged.  Second, in a single boat slip it can be tied so that neither side rubs or knocks against the dock.  Can't do that in a double berth.  One side is always going to rub.

And that's what I saw today.  The side of a boat identical to SP had been scarred from hitting the dock.  Even with cushioning material to protect it, the boat still came up with gouges and scratches.

Now you know why I don't join the rest of the sailors on that side of the lake.

There's another reason.  At our marina there's a store just up the ramp.  Ice.  Drinks.  Ice cream.  Candy.  Chips.  Crackers.  Clothing.   Etc.  SP's marina is more secure, too.  Security is ever present compared to hit and miss across the lake.

It's been 100 nearly every day this month and much too hot to sail morning, noon or night.  Definitely looking forward to cooler weather and strong breezes.  Plan is to sail until the end of November and then pull SP out of the lake for winter repairs, upgrades and wax.

It's a good thing.


La Roo said...

Sign me up for the backwards race. Who can back up and head out into open water first.

Bob said...

Consider yourself signed up!

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