Monday, August 08, 2011

One Track Mind

It was close to 100 yesterday and I knew better than to even think about sailing.  No wind equals sitting on a boat that's not moving and sweating.  But I knew better.   Having tracked weather patterns over the past three days I found that around 4 in the afternoon there had always enough wind to power Sparkle Plenty.

At around 4 Wifey and one of her friends met me at the boat and off we went.

Yes indeed, once out on the water there was a breeze that filled the sails. The sail at 4 prediction was right on.

A man on a sailboard cruised alongside the boat several times.  We used to own and sail one.  Fun.  But owning a sailboat and a sailboard just didn't work out.  It was tough to make time to use one or the other.  The sailboat won out and the board was sold.

We sailed until about 7 then called it a day. 

Just another Sunday sailing for a guy with a one track mind.

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La Roo said...

Summer Breeze makes me feel fine .Makes me think of that song

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