Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lady of the Lake

Ye gads.  Ten days since the last post.  WTF happened to me?  I guess that's why this place is called, What About Bob?  What about him. .. ahhh, absent again.

This struck my eye a week or more ago.  Unusual.  Art.  Love it.

So, meet the not-so-Little Mermaid that has been having a right old knees-up in the German city of Hamburg.  Oliver Voss's floating sculpture is designed to look like a woman bathing in the picturesque Alster Lake.

The three-piece work of art, which is 13ft high and 98ft long, was turning heads forten days - with many visitors boarding rowing boats to get a closer look.

Voss, head of the advertising academy Miami Ad School, said he wanted the aquatic sculpture, called The Bather, to be 'a topic of conversation in Germany.  But his creation has also caused controversy, with district mayor Markus Schreiber telling de Bild newspaper that it was 'sullying the beloved lake'.
The enormous sculpture, made from steel and styrofoam, does not resemble a traditional mermaid.

Instead of a woman with a fishtail, Voss's lady of the lake has legs bent at the knee and protruding from the water.

Don't you just love this?  Wow. 


La Roo said...

Love her! I want to see her. That is just to awesome foe words.

Bob said...

She was taken down after being displayed for just a short period of time. Too bad it wasn't a permanent display.

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