Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On The Beach

A captain's nightmare is being in a dangerous situation that's difficult, if not impossible to get out of, especially when the safety of your passengers is at risk.  Here's an example of just that. .. a captain experiencing just that and living to tell about it.

Hurricane Irene hits land and the captain of this 30' craft is out in it.  I'd like to think he was seeking safe harbor from the hurricane.....that he, his wife and their cat had been sailing miles and miles off the US shores and had no choice but to make a run for it to beat the hurricane.  It's not likely that the captain was out for a pleasure cruise in such foul weather.

The first photo is of the rescue with the aid of a bystander.

And this, the video of the boat being beached.   

It's a fairly new and expensive boat which was probably insured for loss.  The good news is that the captain and his crew weathered the experience. 

Here she sits. 

I'd like to sit with the captain of this boat and ask him some questions.  The first being, Next time, if there was a next time, what would you do differently?

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weeder said...

Wow, she was moving at quite a clip right before she beached. The sail is not up, so it the water or the wind that's pushing it, or both? Can't see being out there in my 16 foot Crestliner...

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