Monday, April 04, 2011

Won't Go There

Since she was old enough to crawl I've stayed away from and out of Gracie's bathing or shower area.  Not appropriate.  Not.

Even now that she's eight years old Grace still asks Wifey to have me come see something she's doing in the bathtub.  The latest being the tub completely filled with bubbles and our little Grace completely covered with them.

Wifey:  Grace wants you to come see what's she done in the bathtub.  It's pretty cute.

Me:  Nope.  No can do.  Not appropriate. 

Wifey:  It's okay.  She's completely covered in bubbles.

Me:  No, it's not okay.  Think about it.  Grace goes to school and tells her friends that she was taking a bath with bubbles in it and I come in to check it out.  It's likely the cops will be on our doorstep off the get-go to investigate.  That's the world we live in. . . like it or not.  Besides, I  don't care if she's 8 or 28 it's still not appropriate for me to be anywhere near Grace's bathing area and frankly it's wrong.  It sends the wrong message.  Take a picture 'cause I'm not going there.

Wifey takes three pictures.  Today and for a moment I ponder whether or not to add them to this post.  You should know that Grace's mom is a wingnut.   Big time. She flies off the anger handle over nothing.  Last week her anger was over a pair of shoes Wifey bought for Grace....nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. . . a pair of shoes that stay here as extras.  I won't get into the why of the mother's anger other than she does pull that emotion over basically nothing.  This woman makes life miserable for everyone and anyone she has contact with.  She spares no one.  She does not discriminate.  Without warning this woman lets family and bystanders have a dose of her wrath big time.

So I started thinking about posting Grace's bath photos here . .. the ones of Grace all covered in bubbles.  Nope.  Won't work.  What if the mother gets wind of bathing photos of Gracie on this blog?  Even though she doesn't have the address of What About Bob nor has she ever read it it would be just my luck for her to get wind of the photos of Grace in her bath.  All hell would break loose.  She'd be pissed if she happened to read this post.  Ask me if I give a shit about that? 

Then I think about the pervs who love pictures of any child in any situation.  Hmmm.  One more reason to not include the bathing photos here.

For those who follow this blog you know what our Grace looks like.  Visualize a large garden style bathtub with her in it all covered with bubbles. 


weeder said...

I have a 5 year old daughter who loves to do the same thing with bubbles in the bath. However, I don't have the same convictions about going into the bathroom when she's there, being her father.

However, I do have the same concerns about posting her photos online. I have a facebook account, which I occasionally log into, but I make a point of not posting a single picture of either child. My sister-in-law has exactly 345 photos of my niece online, along with 17 videos. I feel that's living out there in the public eye just a bit too much.

La Roo said...

Smart choice. I bet it was adorable.

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