Friday, April 08, 2011

Sailing in Seizures of Laughter

Lyrics from Paul Simon's "Rhythm of the Saints":  "I could be sailing in seizures of laughter."

Actually, when I sail there are a lot of seizures of laughter.  You know, since I've quit working (or did work quit me?), there's been lots of smiles, many fits of giggling, and belly-laughs.  Before I had to grow up and get serious life was like that.  Life can be like that.

It's like I've done a complete 360 (full circle for those of you lacking in that kind of lingo).   Back to being a kid in many ways would be a more accurate description of the internal morphing that's taken place.

One day this will happen to you.  Count on it.

A friend living in Oregon is about to have his job quit on him (or is he quitting the job?).  You'll get different, I tell him.  You'll be back to who you used to be, I said.  No longer will your life be run by the clock and a day planner, I explained.

Oregon friend Eric is also looking for a sailboat.  I imagine we'll shop together.  They say misery loves company.  Shopping for a boat is anything but misery.  This I look forward to.  I also look forward to witnessing Eric's personality change from this to that. 

Next year come April Eric will definitely be sailing in seizures of laughter.

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