Friday, April 15, 2011

Got Netflix?

We've had Netflix on demand for a year maybe two.   Films in the Netflix "instant play" catalogue can be sent online to our PC then travel via WiFi to the big screen LCD TV in the living room.  There's like thousands of films and TV programs available through this service.  10 bucks a month brings all the instant play movies you can watch 24/7.  Beats the hell out of waiting for a Netflix movie to come in the mail or driving to Blockbuster to rent something. 

The other night it was hard to resist watching a Gary Cooper film, High Noon.  Low tech (tt was 1952, the era of tin-can telephones).  Interesting.  Acting techniques in the 50's were way different from what we see today.  No cussing.  Back then cowboys didn't cuss or kiss girls. 

Anyway, if you have instant play Netflix check it out this weekend. 


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