Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pass 'Dat Slow Ass Car Music

If I pass some slow ass car when it's just not right then I want rightous music to die with.  This one:  Santana....No One to Depend On.  This is the one.

So, listen up:  From 2:20 (or sooner) until 2:53 you're behind some guy with his finger in his ear, in his nose and up his ass driving 49 miles an hour on a 65 mph two lane highway.  You've been following this idiot for 15 miles and you're tired of it.

Finally you see a place to pass.  Risky 'cause there are cars coming at you on the opposite lane just over that hill way in the distance.  You think you can make it.

Think that at 2:20 into this music.  At 2:53 you're around him, going through the gears (you're driving a yellow corvette with the top down), and just missing the on coming traffic.

Love it?

PS  Win, lose or draw, long before I take the final breath, I will own that Silver or Yellow Corvette in the not so distant future. . . and much sooner than you think....

I'll be passing those slow ass bastards. Just you watch.

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La Roo said...

You got to love Santana. That music speaks volumes.

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