Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For A Friend

This one is for a friend who is soon traveling on vacation to Mexico . .. a clothing optional resort where things, from my understanding, can get a little racy.  Spicy.  OMG.  LOL.  etc.  You get the picture.

The friend is having second thoughts on the what ifs of this sojourn south of the border.  Hell, were it me I'd say "let the good times roll", I'd SURRENDER! and let the "dice" fall where they may.

Anyway old friend, this is for you and in the name of whatever floats your boat.   Just be sure to come back with your head on your shoulders.

BTW:  This is post number 1,575.  WAHOO! And they said it wouldn't last.  What About Bob? can outlast the best of them.  Don't you know?


La Roo said...

Congrats on 1575!

I am surrendering. You have to if you are going there.

I was just doubting my body. I know that I've done it before and had a blast, it was just the fact of my own insecurities getting in my way. They always seem to get in the way, though.

I'm not going to let a super fun relaxing time be spoiled by me not being able to let my guard down. The people there are so nice.

Thanks for the cool song.

Bob said...

You'll do fine, kid. Just fine. Mind over matter. Don't forget the sunscreen.

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