Saturday, April 16, 2011

Or Sleep On The Ground?

At ages 5, 6 and 7 next door neighbor pal Doug and I would walk the distance from home to school and back again each week day.  We'd pick up stuff that we'd find and talk it over.  There were railroad tracks to cross where we would stop to play for a bit.  We'd put rocks on the rails thinking that they would cause a train to derail.  Never happened but we kept trying.

On one such walk Doug picked up a discarded but empty pack of Camels and shoved the front of it in my face.  As seen here the front of the Camel package had a picture of a camel. 

Doug:  Look.  Look! 

Me:  I'm looking.  So what?

Doug:  Look!  What would you rather do?  You're in Egypt and it's time for bed.  Would you sleep on a camel or sleep on the ground?

Me:  I guess I'd sleep on the ground.  Sleeping on a camel would probably be not good at all.

Doug (laughing and flipping the pack of Camels around to its back):  I'd rather go around the corner and sleep in a hotel!

Yahahahahahaha, cried Doug.

Funny what one remembers after all these years. 

Then last month while traveling in another state. 

Wifey:  There's a nice looking place to spend the night.  The No Tell Motel.

Me:  Looks like crap to me.

Wifey:  Really, it probably would be okay.

Me:  Nope.  I'd rather go around the corner and sleep in a hotel.

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