Sunday, May 02, 2010

Shit Birds!

The house is probably in the worst state it's been since it was new in 2002.  The last tenants put a lot of wear and tear into her over and above what should have been normal. 

Stains in the carpet.  We'll have to replace parts in the master bedroom and the bedroom to their oldest boy(sullen little shit he is).  Gum and black stains on the carpet in the boys bedroom.

Microwave/Over the Stove Fan (all in one) ....the stainless steel filters have never been cleaned.  The vents in the microwave are filled with crud.

Broken window shades.  Window not cleaned.

Garage windows filthy.  Each of the six florescent light defusers filled with cobwebs.  The walls have spiders and weds all over them.

Dent on the dishwasher metal panel (big one).

Water deposits on the master bedroom shower door.  Dirty tile grout.

I could go on.  You get the picture.  Real shit birds!

There's not going to be a lot left of their $1,000 security deposit.

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evalinn said...

That´s a shame!

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