Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother Goose

We were busy talking to one of our contractors today who was bidding on the repairs of the rental we're working on.  I just happened to look outside of the kitchen window and this is what I saw.  Every proud mother goose in Cowtown is parading their young about.... here.   There.  Everywhere.  The pond next door was no exception.  The geese and their youngsters were out in full force.

Our new tenants are in for a pleasant surprise.  The beauty of nature is right out of their kitchen window.


evalinn said...

That´s cute! :-)

La Roo said...

Spring is in the air.
You get to see the coolest things.
I'm jealous.

Bob said...

Evalinn: Like this blog's author...ya think?

Laroo: The first photo might serve as an idea for a future painting of yours....

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