Wednesday, May 05, 2010

By Any Other Name

It's Wednesday.  Hump Day to some.  Today, Cinco de Mayo for some others.  For me, it's another Saturday in a life where everyday is either Saturday or Sunday.  Whatever it is for you, stop and smell the flowers.  Speaking of which, these are Wifey's roses vibrantly blooming in the backyard.  She trims, fertilizes, pampers and fusses over them.  It pays off with blooms like these.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo isn't ever in my plans.  For Mexicans this day is about independence.  For Gringos it's an opportunity to slam shots and Corona and feast on Mexican food.  Since I eat Mexican two to three times a week and drink Corona (hold the shots, please), this Gringo has no need to do what the other crackers in town are doing.  Besides, having a couple of drinks today, driving home you're likely to be stopped at a DUI checkpoint.  The cops always have more than a couple DUI checkpoints not only on the fifth of May but on New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, July 4th, Labor Day and on Drop Your Mother-in-Law off at the Old Folks Home Day.  It's best to eat, drink and be merry at home on most if not all holidays.

Regardless of what you do today, it's still kind of a workday for Bob.  It's about the on-going saga of "fix/clean/repair/etc." at the rental.  Looks like about 20 yards of bark is needed for the planting areas, half yard of decorative gravel for walkways, a new over the vanity light bar for the guest bath, kitchen sink removed and replaced, dishwasher removed and replaced...just to name a few things I'll be doing. 

A busy Bob is a happy Bob.

Happy whatever it is you're celebrating today.

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evalinn said...

Really beautiful roses!

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