Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best Damn Besame Mucho Band Ever!

When Wifey and I visit Mexico we eat, we drink and we be merry all night long, every night. When there's a mariachi band I fork over 20 bucks if they can play and sing Besame Mucho.  No kidding.  Every visit to Mexico I probably spend a couple hundred bucks just to hear Besame Mucho every night.  When I get stuck doing one thing there's no changing up.

After each and every band finishes the song, I stand up, clap and shout, BEST DAMN BESAME MUCHO BAND EVER!   The band doesn't know I always say this so of course they're flattered like hell over such a fine compliment.  Then I kiss Wifey, just like in the song and again and again and again. Then I drink a couple more shots of Tequilla and then I start singing Besame Mucho.

I'd like to go back to Mexico but I'm afraid that I'd lose my head if you get my drift.

Anyway, here's one of the best damn Besame Mucho bands ever!  Give it a listen.

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