Sunday, May 02, 2010

Out of Snot!

See the fight last night, Mayweather v. Mosley?   The fight played on pay-per-view for a pretty penny.  Like anything else in this world, there was a way to beat the $55 (no HD) - $65 (HD) price of admission:   Checked the Internet for discounts or coupons.  Bingo!

Tecate, one of the sponsors of the fight, offered this:  Buy a twelve pak of Tecate beer.  Save the UPC label off of the pak along with the cash register receipt.  Print out the online Tecate discount form and complete it.  Mail those three things along with the DirectTV billing showing that you ordered the fight.  In about three weeks I expect to receive a $30 check from Tecate.  Granted, $35 bucks for a PPV fight stings a bit.  But a $30 buck rebate is oh so sweet.

Wifey and I were rooting for Shane Mosley who won the two first rounds then proceeded to get the snot beat out of him for the next 10 rounds.  It was brutal but predictable.  Going into this fight Floyd Mayweather was undefeated with 40 something wins.  Shane had like 50 wins and 5 losses.  Odds at the start of the fight favored Mayweather 4-1.

What a way to make a living. 

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Bigger said...

Well Bob for a couple million I would let you beat the snot out of me.

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