Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Ducky

Here you see panel of Pergo laminate flooring taken from in front of the rentals kitchen sink.  Our wonderful former tenants allowed water to seep/drip/run/gush/gurgle from underneath the sink cabinet onto the wooden floor.  To the left is where the seepage began.  Mold had began to form.

For reasons I won't go into the Pergo flooring had to be entirely removed from kitchen to the home's front door.  230 square feet.  Ouch.

They say that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.  That said this will not happen again, Wifey and I replaced the flooring with tile.  Yes, durable, can't screw it up with most anything beautiful tile.  Believe it or not tile was less expensive than laminate flooring.  The cost for laminate was $2,600 installed.  Tile installed:  $1,800.

Our insurance is 1,000 deductible and of course to make a claim means the rates go up next year.  Our former tenants had insurance, too, which is what we require.  That will yield but $1,000 toward these and all of the other damage to the home caused by the tenants.

As someone once said, "Something is better than nothing."  We'll take the thousand, keep the tenants thousand security deposit and call it even steven.

New tenants arrive next week.  I am so ready.

Life will be just ducky come the end of next week.  QUACK!!!

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