Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Beaver Bob

I've been busy.  Busy as a little beaver (like the four legged beaver with big teeth so get your mind out of the gutter). It's that damn rental.  If anything needed cleaning it did.  If anything needed fixing it did.  Etc.  The rental is where Wifey and I have spent most of our time and a lot of money since May 1st. 

Without going into a lot of boring details let's just say that indeed the old saying that beauty is skin deep rings true in this example.  During the occupancy of the last tenants on the surface the home looked beautiful.  Come time for an under the microscope exam, they lived like pigs. 

For example, the carpet cleaner said he had never cleaned a home with so much food embedded in it.  Filthy window blinds.  Grease and burned on food in the exhaust of the microwave.  Stains on the master bedroom carpet that would not come out.  Laminate flooring near the kitchen sink buckling due to water damage.  The dishwasher damaged beyond repair due to items stuck in its drainage system.

I'm not whining.  I'm just saying.  This goes with the territory of owning property. 

After two weeks of "that" we took a break yesterday.  I headed out to the lake to wash Sparkle Plenty knowing that migratory birds nesting close by had shit up a storm all over her.  I was right.  Three hours of scrubbing later SP was back to normal.  I didn't mind the chore as it was a bright, warm, sunny day on the lake.  Down right pleasant.  I got back into my chee, the Zen, the relaxtion of life.  Cleaning up after birds I don't mind.  Cleaning up after shit bird tenants I resent.

Then yesterday afternoon we took in the Cowtown Symphony.  It was the last of the season.  Wonderful.  Having already bought season tickets to the '10-11 symphony season, yesterday's performance underscored how right it was to continue to purchase them (this will be our fifth year as season ticket holders).

After the symphony we headed to the Elks for a pork roast dinner.  First drinks at the bar served up by our favorite barrista, Nicole.  As we sat down for dinner a portly, older man approached our table and asked if he could join us.  Naturally we consented.  A few minutes later Dawn and Keith arrived and sat with us, too.  Nice meal.  Great conversation.

Yesterday's activities reminded me of what life should be all about.  Relaxation.  Pleasure.  Enjoyment of the out of doors.  Fine music.  Good food.  Family.  And befriending a stranger.  

We're in the stretch in regards to readying our home for the next occupant.  He's a physician just graduating from medical school in Iowa.  He'll serve a three year residency at one of our hospitals.  Two little girls and a stay home wife (with teaching credential) will spend those three years in our home. 

Ahh, three years without having to rehab that place one more time.  I'm going to love every moment it.

Happy Monday, people.


La Roo said...

Thank gawd you wrote! That's all I can say.

Yes, I did first have my mind in the gutter reading the title. Then I pictured you with huge buck teeth. :)

I don't envy the clean up you've been doing. Why don't people respect others property? or themselves for that matter. You have reason to whine some, they were disrepectful to you. Some people just "live" and don't see the effects on others. Is that a taught or learned behavior?Do they mean to do this or they simply just don't open their eyes to see what's around them. Arghhhh.

I'm glad you were able to get away from it for a while and get back into your happy place. :)

evalinn said...

Lots of hard work! And hopefully, after your 3 year breakit will be better than this time.

Bob said...

Laroo: When the soon to be tenants leave in 2013 it's likely we'll sell this home. It's just too nice to allow pigs to make it into their personal sty.

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