Monday, March 17, 2008


Saturday night was all you can eat crab night in Big Valley. And crabs, we got a bunch of them.

There were American flags at all of the tables just to remind us that we were in America, I guess.

Before plate upon plate of crab was served up there was salad, garlic bread and pasta.
This guy here was at the end of our table sitting with Dixie (who works for me) and her husband Denny. This guy has it down pat: Rest up and eat more crab. He's definitely catching a couple of winks.
So, daughter Dawn catches the idea from this guy and catches a few ZZZZ's on her own . . . resting up for the next platter of crab. She has to hang on to husband Keith so she won't fall over.
Caroline (who also works for me) and John were across from the wife and I.

Crab is okay. It's a lot of work just for a mouthful. Lots of cracking and digging - that's how crab comes out of the shell. I'd rather not work that hard for any meal.

The wife won 30 pounds of Buffalo meat. What else did you expect to be raffled off in the Valley?

Noelle (another employee sitting next to the wife) won $125 in another raffle. Dixie won a 40 buck gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Lady luck was riding on our table Saturday night.

Everyone's deserted me and left for Cow Town last night. It's a St. Paddy dinner alone tonight at the local hotel. Corned beef and cabbage beats the hell out of endless picking crab meat out of shells.

Bring on the green beer, the Bushmills and tomorrow's hangover. I'm ready!

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Sexy Duet said...

I have never eaten crab because it just looks like too much work and way too messy, I am sure I would like it though if I tried.

The first thing I noticed when I went to Amercia was the flags everywhere, outside businesses and homes. You dont really see that in Australia.

Looks like a really fun night.


Flyinfox_SATX said...


I went to a place in Baltimore where they serve you Crabs on a sheet of corrugated paper. And they hand it to you with a hammer. What you have to do is cover the crab with the sheet (yes they give you more paper for this) then you bang the shit out of it with a hammer. Open the Sheet and enjoy the crabmeat. It was pretty interesting to see parts of crab flyin all over the place.


Max said...

Dungeness crab is more than worth the effort to me, and more delicious that king crab.

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