Thursday, March 13, 2008


Throughout the year the Valley is host to a number of birds going north or going south.

If you're birds of a feather who flock together it is the time of the year to go north.

There are snow geese all over the place. There's bird shit all over the place, especially on the truck. That's an occupational hazard.

I stopped the other day to watch a flock of snow geese feed in a pasture. Believe it or not, this is one of the smaller groups of geese. Normally they completely blanket a field.
When I leave the Valley I'll take with me a lot of memories. Some I'll choose to forget. The others I'll cherish for life.

Sitting quietly and watching the habits of the snow geese are memories worth saving.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! I enjoy bird watching but certainly dislike its droppings when there are so many around.

What lovely memories!

Sexy Duet said...

There are so many beautiful things in the Valley. I am sure you can overlook the mess they make when they are so wonderful to look at.


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