Sunday, March 02, 2008


I drove from the Valley to Cow Town late Friday evening, the Wrangler jeans, size 34x30 carefully packed in my overnight bag.

Once home I draped my Wrangler jeans over one of the chairs in the master bedroom.

Wife: Oh, new jeans? I love Wrangler jeans.

Me: I'll tell you later if I love Wrangler jeans.

Wife: Why later? Don't you like them now?

Me: I'm waiting to see if my butt likes Wrangler jeans before I pass judgement on them.

Wife: Is this another one of those weird Bob things you go through? And why is this about your butt?

Wife walks away muttering, "My mother told me that Bob would be like this before we got married and here we are . . . Weird is as Bob does. Mother, if you're hearing this from above, YOU WERE RIGHT!"

So, after three cups of coffee I felt the bravado to try on the two size down in the waist jeans.

BINGO! Well, hells bells, they fit and there's room to spare.

When I was a youngster I said to myself that I'd never ever look like an old man who had a pregnant belly. And I have not.

And here's the proof.

I love my Wranglers!

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Rachel said...

Wooo hooo! Right on, nice Wrangler butt there Bob.



P.S. How is Zoe?

Bob said...

Hi Rachel: I'll take that compliment. As for Zoe, she's king of the dog world at our house and loving every minute of it.

Blessed said...

Baby got Back!

Sexy Duet said...

I told you they would fit :D And they look fantastic, great butt!


Bob said...

Blessed: So does Bobby!

Ms SD: You were sooo right. Thanks for the compliment!

Rambeau said...

Apologize for the late comment, I just found your blog. I wear the same Wranglers, same size. Well, I try to get 29" length, due to shorter stature. Not available at all Wal*Marts, but great price. Doctor-induced dieting and exercise starting last summer made me have to put an extra hole in my belt, but I think I'm putting it back on during the winter.

Hmmm ... wouldn't Zoe be queen? Interesting blog you got there, Bob!

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