Saturday, March 08, 2008


I'm treated to this view every morning as I drive to work over the Big Mountain and down into Big Valley.

I'll betcha the view hasn't changed in 200 years. Or more.

What was it that Freud said about things longer than they are wide?

I love mushrooms albeit penis in shape.

These were in the Whole Food's store we visited a couple of weeks ago.

Me: Do you smell penis?

Wife: WHAT?!

Me: Check these babies out!
Can't resist posting yet another picture of Zoe and her "baby". You'd never guess that she'll be 77 dog years come May 20th. For an old fart she's doing pretty good.

Enjoy the weekend.

Oh, one more thing: For the past two days I've tried and tried to post You Tube videos here. No can do. What is that all about?

So, if you want a little dance music check out You Tube and dial in the Hombres and their song, Let it all hang out.

While dancing remember the words of Bob, "If you're not dancing your way through life then you're not living. Not!"

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Sexy Duet said...

Gorgeous view, I wouldnt be in any hurry to get to work if I had that to look at on the way there.

I will only eat mushrooms if they are "hidden" in what I'm eating but those ones look kinda cute :)

Have a great weekend!


Bob said...

MS SD: It is a breathtaking sight each morning and certainly one of the joys of living here albeit temporary.
How do you hide mushrooms? {)

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