Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's Your Sign?

What's your sign?  If I had my druthers my sign would be the one you see here.  Hamm's Beer!  It used to grace the top of Hamm's brewery in San Francisco.  It was really cool.  The beer glass would fill with yellow and when empty it would turn to blue.  One of a kind. 

The brewery and this sign are long gone.  An article this week in the San Francisco paper mentioned it and asked readers if they knew what had happened to the Hamm's sign.  Hope they find it. 

The Doggie Diner sign was another favorite.  I'd mount this puppy on top of the house.  People would drive by and yell, "BOB, YOU DOG, YOU!"

Like the Hamm's sign this one is long gone, too.  Damn it was cool.  Why do people who do things get rid of cool shit like these signs?  There ought to be a law.

You ever eat at a Doggie Diner?  My favorite location, and there were a handful, was Van Ness Ave at Golden Gate.  Late night rockin' out in the City come time to drive an hour north to home and I had the muchies.  Stop at the Doggie Diner, buy a dog, any dog, maybe a couple and munched my way home.

I was stopped by the highway patrol once while driving home and eating something from Doggie Diner.  The cop asked if I had been drinking and I said hell, no (I was kind of fibbing). . .. Officer, I said, you ever try driving and holding your weenie at the same time?  It's a bitch!

He kind of looked at me and then I help up my foot long weenie Doggie Diner special.  Sorry officer, I said, I'd better pull over and finish this in case someone else thinks I'm driving under the influence of Doggie Diner. 

I still have a wrapper from Doggie Diner.  Funny that years later it's survived and rests in my box of keepsakes.  Since Doggie Diner is no more it's a keeper.  Ya think?


La Roo said...

I couldn't find the actual sign but it basically is similiar to this
Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Fiddlin with your weiner and driving can be dangerous.

Bob said...

Love Chris and Pitts....I get acid reflux when anyone mentions them . . . love it but the insides have another opinion. I like driving dangerous.

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