Sunday, April 01, 2012

7th Time's A Charm?

Starting out by marrying his cousin back in the 50's wasn't enough, Jerry Lee Lewis has done it again:  He recently married wife number 7.  Lucky 7?  Hmmmm.  Wife number 6 sure wasn't lucky. 

Some of us have to keep trying until we get it right.  Old Jer Lewis is just one of those guys.  He's like the Ever Ready Bunny who keeps marrying and marrying. ... and marrying.  You'd think he'd learn and just shack up.  He'd be a whole lot of money ahead.

Here's a picture of the newly weds.  She's like 62 something.  He's 76. 

The wedding toast was simple.  Shots of Geritol followed by Jer snorting three lines of crushed Viagra. No doubt he was looking for that Kodak moment . .. an erection lasting for over 36 hours (that does happen according to the TV ads).  That's when the old man climbs on the piano to pound out GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

I hope they post that on You Tube.

Ain't love grand?

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