Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bee Sting!!!

Late yesterday afternoon little 2 1/2 pound Kinzie was stung on the tummy by a bee.  Not good for a creature this size.  This had the potential to do in our little girl.    Fortunately there was a supply of Benedryl in the house.  We quickly cut a tablet into an eighth and saw that the little pup downed it.  After removing the stinger Wifey cut a quick trail to the vet's office.

I believe that a quick reaction saved Kinzie's life.  Whew!


La Roo said...

Geez, doesn't a bee almost weigh about as much as her? In comparison that was like a massive beast attacking her. Ugh. Poor thing and poor you guys.

Bob said...

She's a lucky girl to have two quick thinking owners.

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