Thursday, April 26, 2012

But Four Months Of Age

Kinzie has her own fenced area.  It's under a large tree which shades her not only from the sun but also serves as protection for Kinzie from hawks.  A 2.5 pound pup would be nothing for a bird of prey to scoop her up for dinner.  We have to be alert when she's free to roam the backyard.

Grace is whistling something while displaying something artistic she created last Monday.

I had a CT scan this morning.  Interesting process.  While waitinig to be released, four deputies escorted a felon into the room next to mine.  He was shackled but none the less, the powers to be felt it necessary to send four armed guards to keep others from harms way.   I wonder what crime this man had comitted to warrant such public protection. 


weeder said...

Maybe it was one of those scary tattoo-face dudes from your previous post? Four deputies for one shackled prisoner seems like overkill; perhaps his name was Richard Kimble?

Bob said...

You're right, Weeder. I was thinking overkill, too. Then again, maybe the deputies wanted to get out of the "office" and check out the babes working in this place. Or, maybe the guy is really a threat and needed four guys to keep him minding his P's and Q's.

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