Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cowtown's Best?

Gee, it's been over a week since the last post.  What the hell have I been doing?  When the sun shines you can bet your bottom dollar that this boy isn't sitting around a computer writing about stupid, trivial stuff.  I'm out doing it.  The past week or more has been ripe for just that. 

So lookee here.  People busted and sitting in the slammer.  How'd you like to meet these characters in a dark alley.  Hmmmm.  Defintely not Cowtown's finest.  This guy up above.  What do you think he was thinking when he tatted all that shit on his face?  Probably wasn't thinking. 

Is this the hair-do of tomorrow.  She has to be someone's mom.  Picture Junior, who probably is a good looking, well employed kid (I like to think the best of our youngsters) bringing a date home to meet dear old mom.  I don't think the date would be coming back for Thanksgiving dinner.

And this idiot.  A Nazi deal on his chest.  How utterly stupid.  Yes, this is a free country (not really) but there should be limits on decency.  If I were the judge sentencing this guy part of any parole condition would be to remove that damn thing and to never ever put ink on his body like that never ever again.   At the very least his dad should take this lad to the woodshed for a lesson in civility.

I finished waxing the sides of the boat yesterday and scubbed the deck.  This morning my neck and back are telling me that I did too much.  Interior work this morning (cleaning and organizing).  Wifey and I will shop for kitchen counter tile for one of the rentals.  Busy is as busy does.

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