Friday, May 06, 2011

Only As Pretty As You Feel

San Francisco.  Fillmore West.  Jefferson Airplane.  Was there, sat there, grooved with it, wanted to run away with Grace Slick. Unfortunately Grace had other ideas.  Damn it all.

Last week the Wall Street Journal published an interview with Grace Slick.  It brought back memories of another time, another attitude/a way of thinking, another way of life.

"How do you spend your days now?
By painting and drawing. I clean house, shop for groceries and hang out with my daughter and her husband. They both live with me and help care for the house.

Which female rock singers today do you admire? Emily Armstrong of Dead Sara. She has a strong, urgent sound.

Would you consider a Jefferson Airplane reunion?
No. Due to health problems, I can't stand for longer than eight minutes at a time.

A solo comeback?
Nope. Anyone who's 71 years old would look ridiculous singing rock.

Any regrets?
Yes. That I didn't have sex with Jimi Hendrix, that I've never been to the Middle East and that I never learned to ride a horse. That's about it."

No sex with Jimi?  That makes two of us.  You didn't either?  Come age71 what will be your regrets?  Not having sex with Jimi will not make my list. . . . but a little hanky-panky with Grace Slick back in the day?  That's on it.

As we age we morph.  Understand that.  It will happen to you.

Grace Slick, age 71.


La Roo said...

This is awesome. The music is killer. I've not heard them and you'll probably say ...WHAT? I've heard of the group Jefferson Starship and Grace Slick, but don't recall ever hearing them. Wow, I like it.
Also she is just a beautiful woman younger and older.

Bob said...

Yes, you've heard of them. You've seen the film Woodstock.

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