Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guided By Conscience

The phone rings Sunday.  It's our niece who's driving from Nevada to visit.  She's on her way to Anchorage where she will enter the University of Alaska to complete her studies to earn a Bachelor's of Arts degree.

The niece says it might take a while for her to arrive in Cowtown.  Her mid eighties, 140 thousand mile Mercury Cougar keeps over heating and she has to stop frequently to cool it down.  And to boot the car's transmission keeps slipping out of gear into neutral.  Hmmmm, sounds like trouble all the way around.

The niece finally arrives in Cowtown.  Over dinner we talk about the very long drive to Anchorage, what she'll study and the type of work that she'll want once the degree is earned.  All the while we're talking in the back of my mind I'm thinking of the distance ahead of her in a car that's apt not to keep running.

Next morning Wifey and I talk.  We cannot let the niece leave us driving a car that will likely put her in harms way.  You know.  I know.  We all know there's predators just lying in wait for an all alone young 20 year old woman with a broke down car to come their way.  Wifey and I, in all due conscience, had to intervene.

After a lot of talk (the Cougar seems to have some sentimental value) our young niece gets it that what she's driving needs to be replaced.  The repairs to the Cougar would far outweigh its value.  The offer to replace the Cougar with something small, a car reasonable in price was accepted.

So we shop.  And shop.  And talk.  And talk.  And go back and forth as to what car would be best for the climate of Alaska. 

Long story short, a small Nissan was purchased that probably uses 25 bucks of gas to the 100 the Cougar would have used for the same distance.   The niece takes delivery Wednesday and will be on her way north.    

The photo posted here shows our niece with her really sweet salesman, sawed-off short stature Scott.  Whatta nice guy.  Can't often say that about car salesmen, can you?

The niece is blown away, forever thankful for reliable transportation.  As thanks or in appreciation, Wifey and I say we only want two things from her:  Study hard, graduate from college and one day return the act of kindness to someone else in need.  The niece is a great kid.  There isn't any doubt that what we've asked for will be accomplished. 

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