Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cowtown Symphony!

This afternoon is the last symphony in a series of five for the season. It's raining today.  A perfect excuse to listen to fine music to tame the savage beast in Bob.  This last symphony performance  promises to be the best.  To be performed this afternoon: 

Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto, No. 2
Brahms - Symphony No. 4, op. 98

Rachmaninoff is my all time favorite composer.  It was in college that I learned to appreciate his music thanks to a close friend, a professor of Humanities. 

The symphony begins at the Cascade at 2.  Go an hour earlier for a lecture on the history of the music and what to listen for.

At the very end of the first row of red seats, the very last two:  These have been ours for the past five years.  Ours is a wonderful, unobstructed view.  Picture Bob rubbing elbows with the Cowtown movers and shakers.  Doesn't fit, does it?

Next season's tickets have already been purchased.  The first in the series is in September.  What's being played has me anxious for the next season to arrive.  One of the pieces is by Richard Rodgers.  Rodgers is well known for the score he wrote for Victory At Sea:  A film saga about the water battles of WWII, which will be played by the symphony in September.  The music.  Not the war.

Here's part of what's being play today:

And here's Rodger's musical intro to the television series, Victory at Sea:

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