Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Attention Getter

DISCLAIMER:  Sorry. I gotta be me.  No racial, sexual, douche bag, fucking idiot, pervert, sex offender , . . . .etc. . . etc....overtones intended. 

I'm buying four of these.  Yeah, these . . . these dolls.

You're thinking, So Bob buys four blow up dolls, then what?

"Then what" is about filling them with air.  Three dolls seat belted in the back seat,  one in the front.  Each have t-shirts and shorts on.  Can't upset John Law or violate any indecency regulation. 

Truck windows rolled down.  Me and my four buds cruise Cowtown.  While we ride the "Goddesses" have their mouths wide open (is that the title of a film or is it Eyes Wide Open?).   Those checking us out have mouths and eyes wide open. 

My therapist says I crave attention.  That's my story.  And I'm a stickin' to it.

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La Roo said...

Don't blow them up so tight they can't bend to sit!!!!

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