Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In She Goes!

Thursday Sparkle Plenty will get wet.  'Bout time, don't ya think?  Enough talking.  Time for sailing.
Here's a photo of SP (and Wifey's backside) just before it was launched in June 2009.  It takes a lot of lake to float this boat. 

The man-made lake we sail on was open officialy and dedicated on September 28th, 1963 by then President John Kennedy.  Scads of local yokels turned out for the occasion. 

Kennedy's speech can still be heard via an audio device memorial located  close to where he's standing here.

Who would have thought that two months later he would be dead.

The President is pointing to the "glory hole".  During the winter it serves to drain the lake of excess water.

A map of the lake shows where our marina lies:  Oak Bottom. 10 minutes from home.  For a guy who sails 2-3 times a week it doesn't get any better than that.

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