Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Backup Singer?

Grand daughter Grace loves to sing.  This girl is always singing or humming.  Well, most always.  Grace had a minor part in her school's musical production, Beauty and the Beast.  For three months it was humming, singing, whistling music from Beauty and the Beast.

Last month her mother took Grace to see the Sound of Music.  Since then Grace hums, sings, whistles songs from the Song of Music.  The girl can't help herself.

This weekend Grace will see the local high school's production of Music Man.  And Grace will . . . .you get the point. 

Today I'm checking out YouTube and found an old Eric Clapton tune.  It's a catchy tune.  Clapton did his thing as did several guests (Mark Knopfler and Elton John).  But I noticed two backup singers and thought Gracie might enjoy watching the video and seeing that even lead singers need help via their backup singer.

I thought again.  Grace watches the video and hums, sings, whistles it here, there and at her mom's house. 

I can see Grace dancing, bopping, fist raised. . . about the house singing, SHE DON'T LIE, SHE DON'T LIE. . .. and she knowing the least bit what the lyrics meant.

The video I'm referrding to. . . .  vintage 1988 sees Clapton on his game as were the rest of those enjoying this era (including yours truly).

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