Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Bob Gone Stupid

There are at least three Bob's on the Marina.

Marina Bob:  He manages the docks and rents boats.

Sparkle Plenty Bob:  That would be me.

On The Edge Bob:  That's the name of the boat you see here.  He's the One Bob Gone Stupid.

On The Edge Bob doesn't maintain his sailboat.  Apart from the month he spent on it last summer all due to his significant other booting his sorry ass out the house, he rarely checks on or sails his boat.  Take this for example.  During last winter's many storms, when all of the other owners made certain their boats were secured, On The Edge Bob was content to do anything but that.  In return on one cold, dark, stormy night, the bracket on his outboard motor came loose resulting in both the motor and bracket going to the bottom of the lake.

There's always bird crap on his boat and water in the cabin of the boat (there's no cabin door . . . only a piece of plastic to keep out the weather).

Last Sunday took On The Edge out of its slip for a day on the lake.  The winds, if any, were light.  It was a day to swim the lake and not sail it. 

Bob had not been out long when he and his friend motored into the marina in the condition that you see here.   No one knows exactly how or why On The Edge was demasted but it had to be one of two things:

#1  Metal fatigue and the headstay snapped (the wire from the of the mast to the bow).  It's evident that the supporting mast wires on this boat have never been replaced.  Most manufacturers recommend replacement every 10-15 years.  This sailboat is easily 25 years old. 

#2  Someone, during the course of hoisting the jib, pulled the pin that holds the headstay wire in place.  When that happens, down comes the mast.

It's lucky that no one on board On The Edge was hurt or killed.  One or both of those things usually happens when a boat loses it mast. 

The mast, as seen here, is beyond any repair as it is big time bent in the middle.  FUBAR, to put it mildly

The photo here shows the end of the dock with the upper most part of the mast protruding outside of his slip and partially submerged in the water.  This is a navigational hazard for his neighbors to contend with.

As is the habit of On The Edge Bob, the boat sits exactly as it did a week ago.  Check on it in a month or two, it's likely to be exactly as it sits today.  On The Edge Bob is like that. 

This once again proves that even in a small group of shining star Bob's, there's always one gone stupid.

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Bigger said...

maybe a whale jumped on it?

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