Friday, July 23, 2010


La Roo said...

More people that think all the mess was created by one person in the last couple years......
It all just is a big bumble fuck of corrupted people. I don't care who it is running the place.

Bob said...

I agree with you in part: I've followed this presidency very closely. Under the current president, and with his blessing, there has been a blind eye cast (and an order to the justice dept not to investigate) on civil rights issues involving whites, supporting a no COLA year for those on Social Security and using those funds to partially implement his health care "dream", renig on more than a couple campaign promises, extending unemployment benefits to two years, ...I could go on. Yes, others started a lot of the landslide in the economy but he's added more to the problems and not eased them. I'll be voting either NO or for someone else in 2012.

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