Monday, July 19, 2010

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La Roo said...

Sad but True.
You ok?

evalinn said...

That doesn´t sound good!

Bob said...

Just a post to invoke introspection. Bob, regards of the emotion, let's all hang out. Internalization is definitely not one of my character traits.

La Roo said...

It's such a coping mechanism. It to me is very much a learned behavior. If you are aware of it or not is the key. Also if you are willing to feel the emotions and sit with them is another issue. Painful at the time, and for some that can be quite a while. Once dealt with, it can make life seem a lot lighter. It's just sad that some people shove everything down and just don't even realize what they are doing to themselves and others around them. This action is a cause for anger, compulsiveness, depression, feeling not worthy, a sense of numbness in ones life. The thought that it is better to keep it all to yourself and not have to deal with it or don't want to burden others, is a mind game you play.
Hmmm. Speaking from experience??

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