Monday, July 26, 2010

On Three
Friday Grace and Wifey went swimming at the Elk's Lodge. The pool is large, usually not crowded and an easy use.  There's a snack bar, mixed drinks from the bar inside the lodge, and lots of lounges under shade trees.  Swimming at the Lodge is a fun thing for Grace.  She loves to swim and usually ends up at the end of the day with two new friends.

Our girl loves to jump off, not dive, off of the diving board.  At eight years old Grace has her diving routine down pat:  Hold your nose, run down the board.
And into the water she goes!

The pool is larger, much larger, than what's shown here.  What's in these photos are one end of the pool reserved for diving only.  On the other side of the brick wall shown here is a small wading pool for the little ones.

Marina Bob's son lives in Sacramento and was visiting his dad this past week.  We asked Bob if it was okay for his son Albert to swim with us at the Lodge.  Since he was working, Bob was thankful for his kid to have something to do.    Like Marina Bob, Albert is a character and is definitely a chip off the old block. 
Come to think of it, what Bob isn't a character?   
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La Roo said...

I want to be 8 again. Just for a short while.

Bob said...

Come visit and you can be 8.

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