Friday, July 09, 2010

Little Stinker

Me holding you know who: Little Stinker.  She's got an eye mischief and a nose for trouble.

Take yesterday.  I'm cooking a special chicken dish that needs to be put in the slow cooker.  It's close to noon and I'm late getting it started.  I rush.  I open a cupboard for a large stainless steel bowl and forget to close it.

A half hour later I notice Kiri in my office chewing on something that looks like a round doggie toy.  Oh good, I think.  A closer look tells me that it's something other than a dog toy.  It's a round plastic cover for a small container that the dog had snitched from the bottom of the open cupboard.   Kiri has managed to chew better than half of the rim off of it.  What's worse, the parts are nowhere to be found.  An educated guess:  The dog didn't eat my homework but something worse.

I look at Kiri and she shines back a look much like what's in the photo here.  All smiles and an Alfred E. Newman look of "What me worry?"  I know this is not a good thing and I have to do something fast before any of what's been eaten is "digested". 

I quickly pack up the dog, jump in the truck and rush her to the Vet's office.  They say that they'll induce vomiting (as I thought they would) and ask to me leave Kiri in their care for about three hours.  At this point Kiri is sweating bullets and senses what's coming.  Tail is down.  She tries to hide her face in my arm or chest.  Poor thing.    

I leave Kiri with the Vet feeling guilty and like a stupid shit for leaving the cupboard door open.  Can't blame the dog.  She's a pup and a stinker at that who will chew anything and everything that's available.  Nothing is safe.  Nothing.

Three hours later I pick Kiri up at the Vet.  Our lady Vet who knows us so very well that we're on a first name basis, produces a quart sized ziploc baggie.  The width of the bottom of the bag . . . the complete width - at least a quarter inch wide, is lined with small red plastic pieces along with a few other organic looking things (grass, bark with a few rug fibers sprinkled in for good measure).  She says it was a good thing the dog was brought in to do a little impromptu close to on cue vomiting.

All is well.  We shake hands.  I leave a little wiser and 150 bucks lighter.  I assure myself that this is much better than surgery to remove all those things and that I should be thankful it was only an out of pocket $150. 

Past yesterday's trauma we watch Kiri like a hawk.  But this morning the wife forgets to shut her walk in closet door and quickly finds that the dog has taken a leather sandal for a mid morning snack.  There's no letting our guard down.

I'm hoping that at seven months of age this pup will soon outgrow the need to chew on everything and anything.  It's getting expensive.
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La Roo said...

I made hubby go into one of those American Girl stores near the LA Farmers market and he about killed me. What a gimmick!! In the store, upstairs is a cafe that the girls can bring their dolls and they can sit with them and have lunch together. I just wanted hubby to see the craziness. They have dresses that girls can buy to match the doll.
All I can do is shake my head. Sheesh.

Bob said...

Girls...they just gotta have fun....(singing that song while inputing this...:)

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