Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anything For a Buck

Here's a new product that's due to be on the shelves come August. 

First reaction:  Anything for a buck. 

Second reaction:  As if we don't have enough shit to makes us fat or clog the arteries. 

And last reaction:  Yet one more thing that can't be recycled.

But, coming up with weird shit is the American way, isn't it?

It was a horrible night last night.  Kiri.  Krink.  Krunch.  Krink.  Krunch.  All night long.  I was up with her four times.  Wifey did three turns.  She had to pee, poop, drink water, run around.  She must be uncomfortable and in some pain or discomfort.  The cone on her head is enough to drive anyone nuts.  Major surgery has its own aftermath issues. 

We grin.  We bear it.  We take afternoon naps knowing this will be over shortly and our girl will be back to sleeping through the night without the Krink Krunch cone around her neck. 

Busy day.  I should be sailing but taking care of biz has its own priorities like:  Bank deposit.  Check out a new gym.  Haircut.  Buy nylon line for the weed eater.  Check out an other storage facility to store the boat trailer.  Shop at Target.   My turn to cook dinner so need to shop for that...thinking about preparing chicken stew. 

Then there's always other things like yard work (still raking up leaves from last fall thanks to the 30 plus oak trees - there's still a few left), hitting the lake, wiping the boat down and starting the engine to charge the batteries. 

Gracie will be with us this morning until about 5:30 this afternoon.  She's always one of the bright spots in the day.  After her voice lesson this morning it's likely Grace and Wifey will go swimming at the Elks Lodge.  They keep busy doing girl things . . . things that Gracie will forever treasure as precious memories of her grandmother. 

Sitting at the computer is not doing anything to dwindle the list of things to do.   Gotta get my butt in gear.   It's likely I'll get hungry while out and about doing errands.  Wish I had a can of sandwich for a midday snack.  Not.

Happy Thursday.


La Roo said...

Ok she's either uncomfortable or she's got your number. :) and she's working it to her advantage. ????
You've got a busy might need that can-wich for stamina....not.!
Chicken stew...hmmmmmm. Might need the receipe.
I'm surprised your thinking stew when it has been so hot up there.

DNA said...

Hey, I posted this article on my FB account. All I could think of is how this will change the future of school cafeteria food. I found it totally GROSS!! How hard is it to make a sandwich, anyway?

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