Friday, July 09, 2010

American Girl

A letter arrived last week for our Grace.  It was an invitation to a camp-out, sleep outside birthday party for a friend who's turning eight years old.  Enclosed with the invitation was a handwritten note that said, "Bring your American Girl doll or favorite doll to the party."

For those of you who don't know about the American Girl doll collection it's worth an investigation.  Twelve of the dolls portray historical characters. 

"Each of these American Girl dolls is not only the star of a historical six-book series, but also a shining example for girls today. Lessons of love, friendship, courage, compassion, and tolerance are at the heart of every American Girl story. These 18-inch dolls are for ages 8 and up."

On her own, Grace selected and bought one of these dolls, Kit Kitridge, paid with money she had earned working at home for her mother, here for her grandmother and during the time she spends with her father.  The dolls don't come cheap:  $115 (which includes a story book about the character doll) plus shipping.   It's due to arrive Monday.

Grace had already decided to buy the Kit Kitridge doll before she had received the invitation.  I could not help but wonder about the little girls who will attend the party without an American Girl doll.   How are they going to feel?  Left out?   The competition to keep up with the Joneses now begins at a very early age.

And yes, the school Gracie attends has predominently upper middle class parents who are highly educated and makes a lot of $$.   In this economy who else could afford a $115 doll?  And did I mention the ton of accessories that go with each doll?  Check out:

The story unfolds about Kit Kitridge in the year is 1934:  "As a girl growing up during the Great Depression, Kit sees her dad lose his business overnight. To help save their home, Kit becomes resourceful. With Ruthie by her side, Kit also learns to treasure what money can’t buy—friends and family."

Last century old school lessons still applicable for life today.

There's also a Kit Kitridge video which we watched last night on HBO.  It will be replayed on HBO at various times July 13th - July 17th.  You would not regret taking the time to watch it.

Did you ever wonder why dolls are most always female?  Who would want a hairy backed, beer bellied, steak breath, butt cracked, balding doll?  I just answered my own question.

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