Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moonlight Drifter

Early evening sailing with close to a full moon to light the way.  That's the stuff dreams are made of.  It seems the best winds are late afternoon/early evening.

Morning into p.m. sailing is the pits.  Hot.  No wind.  Tried early morning sailing today.   The sails were hoisted by 7 a.m.  It was worth a couple hours of time on the lake mostly to decide whether the wind was coming up or not.  Not.  Thank goodness for the outboard.

It's likely we'll hit the lake one afternoon soon around 4 or 5 and sail until after 8.  We'll have groovy jazz on the boat's sound system.  There will be lots of munchies and drinks to consume.  Might even take a butt naked dip in the lake.  

Wanna join us?
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La Roo said...

Uh yes, love to join you. I can honestly say I've never been skinniny dippin in lake. It sounds fun, but not sure I could handle not seeing what's down below in the water. Kinda creeps me out.
I know, I know some rare long pink snake. But seriously it freaks me out.

crystal said...

Yes, Pick me! I want to join you!

Hi sweetie, surprise it's Crystal

xoxo, have a great weekend!

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