Monday, February 15, 2010

Would that be a D or a Double D?

Okay, I'm on this bacon kick.  What would it be like to wear a bra like this all day all the while surrounded in bacon aroma?  The store selling these bras would be chuck full of bacon smelling stuff.  Think about working in that place all day?  You'd come home smelling like a BLT.  Think they would sell bacon perfume?

Take a walk wearing one of these babies and every dog in the neighborhood will be chasing after you.  Woof!

How would you like your bacon?  In a pan?  Microwaved?  Made into a bra?

I'll take my bacon fried and placed in a lettuce and tomato sandwich.  Yum.


La Roo said...

I'm sorry that just looks nasty. Slimy bra, Eewwww.
I like BLA's.

Bob said...

Would hubby be going, Ahhh, what will it be, . . . boobs? Or will be be bacon? Boobs or bacon. . . ???

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