Friday, February 26, 2010

Dude, Where's Your Bra?

Gee, Jack Nicholson...are those B or C cup boobies?  You'd think a guy his age would (A) Take a little pride in their appearance, (B) Not pork out and grow titties or (C) Put a shirt on when your body looks like shit.

My gawd Jack, getta bra or lose some weight.

I should take the dude sailing this summer.  He's be a real hit with the other sailors.

"Can I get your autograph and feel your boobies, too?"

TGIF drinks tonight at the Elks Lodge.  Bottoms up, people!

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Schmikey said...

I'm getting kind of excited just looking at those boobies. Look likes a B cup to me. I think he has some sort of growth in his right armpit. Maybe he should get a doctor to look at that.

La Roo said...

I just don't kniow what to say. :0

Bob said...

Schmikey: I've just made a call to Jack. He's not answering but I left a message about his tits and the growth. I'm sure you and I will both be thanked. Ya think?

Laroo: You just said it. :)

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