Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Do You Like Your Bacon?

When ordering breakfast every waitress in every restaurant I've eaten in asks, "How do you like your eggs?"  Wise Ass Bob in response alway says, "Cooked in a pan."

Yesterday I find this photo, just when I've thought that I have seen everything,  which brought out a new prospective when dining out for breakfast:  How do you like your bacon?  On a pair of boobs?  On a bush?  Or in a pan?  Is some bacon in the hand worth two on the bush?  Ben Franklin never looked at bacon this way.

I'm thinking this picture is a reflection of photographic food art at its finest.  This might be the beginning of a new fad in beachwear.  Bacon strip bikini's.  Or could this be the foundation for a bacon commercial.  An ad featuring bacon that's worn during the Superbowl it would sure to be a hit.  Make mine bacon . . . on a couple of good looking broads.

Or, maybe someone will open a Bacon Sushi restaurant with bacon served like what's shown on the photo.  Bacon buffet. 

How do people think of photographing things like this?  Is it a matter of an artistic mind . . . or, was it someone who's hooked on bacon, or would it be part of their perverision - a fetish?  Never heard of anyone with a bacon fetish, have you?  Interesting thoughts to share at the next cocktail party.   I'll have to print a copy of this photo and share it for conversation over drinks.

When What About Bob? gets random hits from those in cyberspace land, the hits come from a Goggle search.  What brings some to this blog via Google is a post I authored in August of 2008.  The post features a woman whose boob job went south.  Both nipples were apparently taken off and reattached.  Consequently one looks up and the other down.

When first posted the meter that counts visitors here went wild.  Like this blog was seeing hundreds of visitors every day for about a week all due to the attention it got on another popular website.  The site suggested a visit to the What About Bob? blog to check out the boob job gone bad.  Maybe the publication Popular Porker will pick this post up and suggest to their readers to take a look see here. 

Ya think?

BTW:  How DO you like your bacon, kiddies? 

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La Roo said...

Hubby will probably disown me for this.......but I could really care less if I ever had bacon again. It just does nothing for me. Hubby on the other hand calls it God's food. This picture reminds me of how they do this with beautiful women and sushi. It's pretty cool.

Bob said...

Good for Hubby. I knew we had something in common.

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