Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Humor

When we launched Sparkle Plenty into the lake we were assigned berth 70.  It was difficult maneuvering SP out of the berth so we asked for and were assigned berth 74 - opposite to berth 70.  It still was a bear to get out of berth 70 so we asked for and got another berth wayyyyy down the dock, almost the last berth in the marina, closest to open water.

Berth 96 gets lots of weather.  During a storm SP takes a pounding.  During the last heavy storm boats docked around her took on water, their dock lines snapped during 50mph winds and were damaged while adrift.  SP was secure.  No damage. Dock lines didn't snap all due to being tethered correctly.  But I'd like to be closer to the center of the marina, same side of the marina as it makes for easy in and easy out especially if I single hand the boat. 

So I asked for and got the berth next to where SP is now.  The new location is an improvement only because it's one slip closer to water and electrical outlets. 

Today I'll move the boat next door.  Then plot to get yet another berth closer to the middle of the marina.  Bob can be that squeaky wheel and Bob does get oiled more ways than one. 

Here's a little Monday humor to start the week off with a smile . . . or is that a smirk on your face?

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evalinn said...

I love the name Sparkle Plenty! :-)

La Roo said...

You know Bob it's not easy for them to give berth. You can't maneuver your boat in and out and expect the best berth without a line snapping or damage to the dock. Next time go C section.

Bob said...

Evalinn: Welcome back. Glad you like the name.

Laroo: Thanks, I needed a little humor this morning . . . as a matter of fact, that's the kind of humor that comes out of me more often than not. BTW: Things remain tighter with a C section. Ya think?

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