Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Rule of the Red Ball

Our new pup is learning pecking order.   She's also learning not to take Zeenie's favorite ball.  If the ball is red and squeaks, paws off!  This would be lesson #1 as she learns to get along with the elder Poms.

In the first photo you see a block by Zeenie in keeping the little one at bay and away from her red ball.

The little one is not easily intimidated.  She waits for just the right moment and often steals the red ball right out from underneath Zeen's nose.  Zeenie's pretty smart and quick to react which makes this not an easy task for the little one.

The little one is slowly crawling towards the red ball that's to the right of Zeen's rear flank.  She's thinking that she can outsmart two year old Zeenie. 

More times than not Zeen wins out in the pecking order contest (a lot of staring and growling, then takes the ball and heads to a place that's safe for her to kick and toss her red ball about. 

Today we shop for a crate for the new little puppy to sleep in and for a small harness that will help her learn to walk on leash.  Teaching a young pup new tricks is not an easy task but she's a smart one and will catch on quickly.  Now bad for a tender age of 10 weeks.

For those of you in knee deep in snow, yesterday it was total California sunshine and close to 70 degrees as evidenced in these photos.  Eat your hearts out, people!

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La Roo said...

Second picture Zeenie looks pretty pissed. Don't mess with her.

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