Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Long Story Short

A friend lost her 10 year old Pom unexpectantly to illness several weeks ago.  She's crushed.  It was suggested she find another dog to help ease the pain.  She says she will think about it.

She works.  She's busy.  She doesn't have time to raise a puppy.  Given those considerations it was suggested she find an older Pom to adopt, one that was good to go, house broken and self sufficient.

The friend says she will think about.  She's given several leads on fairly young Poms needing a home.

Telephone rings today.  It's the friend.  She has driven to Sacramento this past weekend and bought a 10 week old female Pom.  Three days later she has discovered that it's too much for her to raise the pup  - too busy, no time, never home - - - - what was she thinking? --- and wants help finding a home for the dog. 

This morning Wifey drives across town to see the friend with the idea of encouraging her to keep the baby Pom and to offer help raising it.

After a couple of hours of chit chat and crying, the friend says "no go" to any help but just wants to divest herself of the dog.  The friend says that she is still grieving for her lost animal and it's too soon to have another.  Gee, should have thought about that before forking out 500 bucks for a puppy.

Late this morning Wifey comes home with the puppy.  She announced that we have a new addition to the family.  I smile knowing that this would probably happen.

End of story.  Was it long or was it short?  Whatever it was it was definitely not a shaggy dog's tale. 

P.S.  The new pup doesn't have a name yet.  We're working on it. 

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La Roo said...

I had to take a double take at that picture. I'm bad. I won't go there.
I was just meant to be, and this little gal is going to have a great home. Lady who gave her up will miss out on some great times and wonderful love.

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