Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One of Those Days

There are nights when I suddenly I'm awake.  Middle of the night and awake for no apparent reason.  So, I get up.  One of the best things about being up at an ungodly hour is being able to walk around in the dark.  I love roaming the house, no lights on, dark as hell and successfully navigating every obstacle without a problem.  It's an exercise in seeing what's it is like to not having eyesight.

This morning was just one of those sleepless night and I roam about the house.  Hmmm, I think....think to hit the john.  To the guest bathroom I go navigating the way with out stretched arms that tell me when I'm too close to a wall or if there's a door I'm about to collide with.  Once there I lift the lid and sit down (when there are no lights on it's easier to hit the "mark" this way when you're doing one thing and not two).

The lid I thought that I was lifting was really the toilet seat.  I sit down and kerrrplunk!  Deep down and into the toilet bowl I go.  I had to laugh because this would be a trick I would have loved to have played on someone else. 

And that's how Bob's Wednesday started out. It can only get better.

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La Roo said...

Oh gawd! That's not a pleasant feeling. You took the boys for a swim.:)

DNA said...

I needed that! Thanks for the laugh out loud!!

Bob said...

Laroo: Hmmm, maybe the boys need CPR...ya think? :)

DNA: Well, it was kind of funny - - - I felt like I was floating . . .

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