Sunday, February 04, 2007


The bowl game will have to be taken off of Sirius radio today. We're getting ready to leave for a 161 mile drive to see one of the kids, have an early dinner and drive another 161 miles back to Cow Town.

Three hours up.

Three hours back.


No watching TV for Old Bob today.

Without going into details, the trip is necessary. Had it not been necessary Old Bob would have been perfectly content to kick out the Lazy Boy, pull the tops off of a couple of Buds, and ingest a plate of chicken wings.

I'd love to be in Brookings and camped on the beach. The picture was taken in November during our last visit to Brookings. What a place to watch the Super Bowl. Wish I was there.

Having Sirius satellite radio in the truck has been wonderful. There's always something to listen to. Top of my favorites list is Sirius' blues channel. Nothing like it.

So today when I checked the Sirius website to see if they were broadcasting the Super Bowl, I was elated to find that they were.

The wife will listen to books on tape. The truck radio will be tuned to Sirius' broadcast of today's championship football game. I'll gasp, groan, hoot and holler over the Super Bowl.

There will be no Bud on the road. No chicken wings coming or going. And no Lazy Boy to kick my feet up on. Just ma, pa and the two dogs.

Should be a Super Bowl to remember.

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