Saturday, February 03, 2007


There's a crab feed in Cow Town tonight. A big one. 1,200 hungry for crab, I'm a gonna eat my fill people are going to be there.

Crab is good but I don't like to work for it. It takes a lot of time to nit pick through a crab to extract a small portion of meat. There has to be a better way.

I was thinking firecrackers. A couple of well placed firecrackers in a crab should do the job of getting to the meat in a hurry.

Bang! Instant crab meat ready to eat.

There's two large firecrackers - very large, in the drawer left from who knows when. We're talking three inches long. Think I should bring them to tonight's crab feed and try them out?

I'd go out with a bang . . .literally out the door as escorted by two men or women in blue.

"But officer, boys are going to be boys . . . "

There will be pictures tomorrow.
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Max said...

I'd learned that kitchen shears are the best device to get crap out with little fuss. Oh, and a soft shelled crab helps too :D

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